Yoga for Cyclists – June 15 – August 20, 2012

Join us for Yoga!Yoga for Cyclists

Every Monday 6:30-7:45PM thru Aug 20, 2012
@ Velosmith Bicycle Studio
805 Ridge Rd. Wilmette, IL

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Some of the most common injuries in cyclists result from tight muscles.

Regular yoga practice and stretching reduces muscle tightness, increases flexibility and, ultimately, improves your cycling experience.

An increase in your flexibility means:

  • Injury prevention, especially soft tissue injuries. A reduction in the risk of tendonitis. Increased circulation of oxygen to the muscles. Reducing the chance of pulling, straining, or tearing of muscles used repetitively.
  • Limber, supple, and loose muscles.  For example, keeping muscles flexible will aid in a quick movement of jumping out of your saddle to accelerate and prevent injury.
  • Faster recovery times. Less soreness and stiffness; reduced lactic acid and other metabolic by-product build-up. For example, doing a self-massage on calf muscles or practicing “legs-up-the-wall” (a restorative yoga pose) will help to reduce lactic acid and relieve soreness in legs.
  • Improved muscular efficiency and obtaining a full range of motion in your muscles.  For example, you will develop full range of motion to have more power in a pedal stroke.
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