Mechanical Services

Nothing ruins a great ride like a mechanical issue. Passionate cyclists already struggle to find the time to get out on their bikes so it becomes critical that when the road or trail calls, the bike is ready.  When a bike is properly adjusted, it disappears beneath the rider – taking nothing away from the scenery, the workout, or the conversation with other riders.  We are firm believers that the bike should enhance the cycling experience and in no way detract from it.

We offer:

Complete bike builds
  • A full array of wheel build options and services
  • Complete overhauls
  • Three levels of tune-ups from basic to comprehensive
  • Seven titanium frame refinishing and decal services
  • Road and CX tubular gluing
  • Component installations

Over the past two decades, bicycles have become more robust. With the introduction of high-tech electronic systems such as electronic shifting systems and power meters, bikes now require specialty tools and practices to service them in addition to a greater degree of specialized knowledge and training.

At Velosmith, we leverage our relationships in the industry and work closely with manufacturers to best understand their systems and products, staying abreast of best practices.

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