Biomechanical Fit

To accurately match rider and machine, Velosmith offers a comprehensive fitting process that addresses injury prevention, efficiency, and comfort. At Velosmith, our tools are carefully selected and we draw expertise from years of performing fits on riders of all levels, from recreational cyclists to world-class athletes.  We take a minimalist and functional approach to the multifaceted system of rider-bicycle interface.


We recommend a Velosmith Fit if you are:

  • experiencing pain or discomfort on your existing bike
  • riding or purchasing a new bike and have never been fit
  • wanting to improve efficiency + power output
  • wanting to prevent an injury
  • recovering from a recent or long-term injury

During your fit, we will:

  • perform a bike position analysis using traditional fitting methods
  • conduct a visual assessment performed while pedaling
  • take measurements while you are static (not pedaling)

Duration: 1.5 to 2 hours
Cost: $275

To schedule your fit, call 847.920.9360 or Contact Us


We recommend a Cleat Fitting if you are:

  • purchasing new cycling shoes
  • having knee pain or discomfort
  • changing your pedal system
  • using multiple pairs of cycling shoes
  • experiencing numbness, aches, or pains in feet

During your cleat fitting,  we will:

  • conduct a thorough assessment of cleats and provide recommendations for improved fit and comfort
  • address any aches, pains, or numbness through fit of shoe
  • test various types of shoes

Duration: 1 to 2 hours
Cost: $100 per hour

To schedule your fit, call 847.920.9360 or Contact Us

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