Rider-Specific and Full-Custom Bicycles

At Velosmith, we offer rider-specific and full-custom bicycles.  Both types cater specifically to your individual needs and, in the long run, provide greater comfort and efficiency. Each brand—Seven, Parlee, Mosaic, and Colnago—offers bicycles in one or both categories, providing you the broadest range of options.

Rider-specific benefits:

  • Pre-determined frame geometries in multiple size options. Although the frame’s geometry is not adjustable, a wide range of sizes and head tube length options allow for a great fit and comfortable ride.
  • Component selection. Based on budget or preference, you determine components from SRAM, Shimano, Campagnolo, Mavic, Hed, or Enve. We’ll help you select the best build options for your riding needs.
  • Component specifications. Gear range preferences (cassette and chain ring ratios), handle bar width, stem, and crank arm length to best fit your biomechanical needs and to suit both the terrain and how you plan to ride.
  • Paint options. Stock colors and custom paint jobs give you a wide range of schemes to suit your personality or wants.

Full-custom bikes offer the same benefits as rider-specific while also incorporating:

  • Custom geometry. A custom geometry fits your biomechanical needs and takes into consideration future needs – including gain or loss in flexibility associated with age or fitness levels – without compromising ride.
  • “Personality.” Whether your preference is a fast handling and aggressive bike, or a more stable and forgiving bike, a custom geometry fits your desired bike personality.
  • Ride characteristics. Full-custom puts your preference for comfort, drivetrain stiffness, and overall frame weight within the builder’s control.
  • Long-term investment. Full-custom bikes begin around $3,800 and provide a long-term investment that will accommodate your future needs.

Both categories offer experienced cyclists and beginners alike a different way to approach the purchase of a new bike that is thorough and offers more value than most off-the-shelf offerings in the marketplace.

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