Fat Tire Invasion

ChebaccoJust two seasons ago there was a bold line drawn between bikes that were ridden off road and bikes that were ridden on road. Today, that line is almost imperceptible.

Enter two of our best selling models: The Seven Evergreen and the Parlee Chebacco. At the heart of both bikes lie three basic qualities: a standard 700c diameter wheel (commonly found on road bikes), disc brakes and clearance for up to a 40mm tire.
These characteristics define a new category that is as flexible in its functionality as it is in its category name. Gravel Bike, Adventure Bike and Mixed-Terrain Bike, are three names which are fitting to the bike’s capabilities but one could also add Cyclo-cross, commuter and as of this summer: long-distance road bike!

It is no wonder that these bikes are popular – they are as close to “one bike for all applications” as the industry has ever seen. And as the proverbial saying goes – the cherry on the top is that almost every wheel and tire manufacturer has created products specifically to serve these uses.

In the past 24 months we at Velosmith have witnessed the rise of wider tires, wider rims, lower tire pressures and the explosion of disc brake options.

Personally, I have spent countless miles on both an Evergreen and the Chebacco. We took delivery of the studio’s first Evergreen back in November 2014.

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